Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Boy Update

Greetings Everyone!

Well, our new little addition is now officially 3 months old and is another bright spot in our lives. This is a video I took today, because he was in such a cute mood. He is a dream of a baby. Really easy and relaxed, which is so nice, since our little Lilee bean is a busy (almost) 2 year old. WOW, I've never been so tired! However, they are such joys! Lincoln continues to grow rapidly everyday. He is already 16 lbs. When I tell people how old he is, reactions are funny. They don't believe that this big boy is only 3 months. Ha!

Lilee is developing quite a personality, as well. At 21 months, she's putting words together and beginning to almost reason with us why she should have a cookie and one more cup of juice before dinner. She's in the video background making sure she's being heard! :o)

I'm currently working on our first ever 2 kiddo video montage, but life is a little faster with 2 kids, so it takes me twice as long.

LILEE'S HEART UPDATE: On July 16th, we took Lilee for her ultrasound check up. After reviewing the ultrasound, Dr. Juris said that there is still NO CHANGE in her heart graft. Yea! In the past, we wait 3-4 months between appointments. This time, he said we don't need to come back for 6 months! Hallelujah! How cool! So, we'll get through the rest of this year and the holidays with no heart check ups... Merry Christmas! :oD

Thanks for keeping tabs on the Finches and as always, thanks for your prayers! Love to you all!