Monday, February 15, 2010

Late news, but still news... right?

Okay, so it's been over a month since our last visit to Lilee's cardiologist and even longer since my last post. Honestly, having 2 little ones just about maxes me out to my further most limits. Ha! I think sometimes I have it all together and I'm organized and ready to be diligent in my blogging (or dusting) and then... WHAM! Fatigue sets in and I think, 'aaah, what the heck... the blog (and the dust) will still be there tomorrow!' Just being honest. :o)

So, Lilee's last cardiologist appointment went very well. It was really interesting to see her go through the heart ultrasound being six months older than last time. She was calm and just quietly watched the tech "take pictures" of her heart. She's not a little baby anymore. Ugh!

After reviewing the ultrasound, Dr. Juris said there still wasn't any change in her graft. This is good for 2 main reasons. 1.) The surgery continues to be a success in that her body responded well and is performing as it should. 2.) The longer there is "no change", the longer it will be before her next surgery. Fewer surgeries mean getting a larger "hose" on her heart, which means fewer surgeries, which mean larger hoses, which mean... you get the idea.

Anyway, all that to say: We are thrilled with the outcome of the last check up. Yay, God!!! Thank you, Jesus! Watching her grow as an active and lovely 2 year old, it is so hard to believe that she had open heart surgery at 6 weeks old. The other night, when I pulled her out of the bath and was drying her off, she looked down at her scar and said, "what's that?". "That's from your heart surgery, sissy" I replied. "Hawt suh-joowie"? I teared up, couldn't help it! What a love!

That's my news... late, but still news. Love to all of you!