Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost 2 years and 6 months!

My goodness, I NEVER thought having 2 "babies" would be so much work! This month, Lilee will be 2 years old! WOW! Lincoln just reached his 6 month mark and we're exhausted! :o) Really enjoying the age Lilee is coming into, since she is soooo curious about everything and consistently surprises us with words she happens to pick up.

On our way to church today, she said, "uh-pane, uh-pane". 'Huh?', I thought? 'What's that?' I asked her again and she pointed up and said, "pie"... seconds passed before I repeated, "airplane in the sky?" She responds with her typical assurance of "uh-huh!" I love it!

Health wise, nothing has changed. She is as active as ever and cracks us up by wanting to jump around in her (now, her brother's) johnny jump up. She spins like a top. I see ice skating lessons in the future!

Last weekend, we went to a bonified country pumpkin patch (Dodasa Farms in Burson) to play. Got some great shots, I thought I'd share. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and looking forward to giving more great updates! Love to all!