Thursday, October 23, 2008

The BEST Birthday Gift EVER!

To the faithful to keep up on this blog... THANK YOU!

It's hard to believe that Sunday, October 26th is Lilee's 1st birthday! As you know, Lilee had a cardiologist appointment this month. It's been 3 months since her last heart ultrasound, so we were excited to hear more good news this time. Well, we got it!

We like to think that in honor of her birthday, we received the news that THERE IS NO CHANGE in Lilee's valve graft, which means we don't have to go back for another 4 months! Hallelujah! It's strange to think back on all that we've gone through with her heart, know God's provision, see His faithfulness first hand, experience His healing power in our daughter and STILL be "nervous" about these check ups. I know it must be my flesh that's fearing, but it's frustrating to know that that all we've learned can be so easily forgotten.

As for what Lilee is up to, she keeps us VERY busy. While she's not walking yet, she flies around the house on her hands and knees, pulling up on anything she can. She speaks her own language, sings, and talks on the TV remote like a phone. :o) I think the best part is to see her so excited over discovering she is able to do things on her own, whether it's sitting her her own fluffy chair, or helping me put socks in the dryer. She's so proud of herself.

We continue to be so grateful for the friendships we have in you! We'll post soon with more pictures and exciting news as we enter the holidays!

We love you,

The Finches

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pickle Face Finch

Hi dear friends and family!

Well, it's been way too long since I've updated the blog, so I thought I'd start it out on a happy note with a video we took of Lilee yesterday eating a pickle. It's so cute!

October is quickly approaching and so is Lilee's next cardiologist appointment. Amazing to think how an appt in October seemed so far away in July and yet, here it is looming up before us! We also have some wonderful news to update.

Some time in mid April, we will be having another baby! We are ecstatic and thrilled to be able to provide Lilee with a brother or sister! Thank you, Lord!

Just a quick update! Please comment or email us to keep in touch!

All our love,

The Pickle Face Finches

Friday, July 11, 2008

Excellent News!!!

Dearest friends and family~
Here we are, another cardiologist appointment under our belts and another opportunity to show God's faithfulness! Yesterday, July 10th, we took Lilee to Sacramento to see her cardiologist and do another ultrasound of her heart. If you read the last post, our last visit left us with the impression that since her new graft was constricting, she could possibly have another surgery before her first birthday in October.
When I woke up yesterday, I really felt the Lord calling me to be in the Word and in prayer. So, as I read my devotion, the central theme was peace; peace and joy that are from the Holy Spirit and not from circumstances.

"For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." Isa. 55:12

Starting the day off with this tremendous grounding and reaffirmation, I was completely peaceful throughout the appt. So.... after reviewing the ultrasound, Dr. Juris said that there was no change in the graft since our last appt. 2 months ago. He seemed pleased and said we wouldn't need to come see him again for another 3 months!!! Praise the Lord! Compared to the thought that Lilee would have surgery before October, we are THRILLED!
Our God continues to prove Himself faithful and ABLE! Wow! So, in light of this great news, I've put another video update together for you, just so you can see our girl in action! Hope you enjoy it... what a doll she is!

All our love to you!
Erin, Chris and healthy-and-cleared-for-another-3-months-bean

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Baaaaaack!

Greetings from Lodi, CA!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. We've been anxiously awaiting Lilee's next cardiologist appt to determine when her next surgery will be. Since I last wrote, this little girl has kept us on our toes with changing and growing so very quickly. My goodness!

I've attempted to get more video together in another montage, but I haven't finished it yet. So, just so you know, Lilee is progressing beautifully. Eating like a little piggy, she is the picture of health. To look at her, she doesn't seem like anything is wrong with her heart, which is wonderful that she's recovered so beautifully!

Yesterday (June 23rd) she pulled herself up from a sitting position in her crib. Look out, everyone, here she comes. She's practically 8 months old now and developing at a rapid pace. If she could, she's be running around the house I'm sure. :o)

Things in the Finch household are stable and good. Chris finished his first year as principal at Century at the beginning of June and is now busy getting ready for next school year. He also graduated June 1st from National University with his Masters degree in cross-cultural teaching. His next endeavor will be his administrative credential. I'm so proud of him!!!

Chris' uncle passed away last week of cancer, which we're very sorry. However, he had recently accepted the Lord, for which we are extremely grateful! He is so faithful... faithful to the end!

This summer, we plan on taking a few camping vacations with our (work in progress) canned ham trailer. We are restoring it and using it before it's done. It's just so cute and begging to be used. So, we'll give it a try. It will also be Lilee's first camping trip. If she's anything like her daddy, she's be hooked from the beginning!

Well, sweet friends and family, that's all for now. I'll post as soon as we have an update from the cardiologist on July 10th. We still believe that she CAN be healed, so we pray for that. Whatever He allows, we KNOW He'll use it to show His power. However many surgeries, however many doctor bills!

We love you and hope you reply to this post. It's so encouraging to hear from you. You have no idea!

All our love,

Erin, Chris and the jumping bean

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lilee's Cardiologist Report

Greetings from sunny central California!
Ok, everyone, here's the news. Yesterday, we had Lilee's first cardiologist appointment in 3 months. After doing an ultrasound on our wiggly little girl, it looks like the grafted hose attached to her heart is narrowing. The doctor wants to see her again in 2 months to check the rate of the narrowing to determine when her next surgery with be. He believes it will most likely happen before she turns 1 in October.
As you can imagine, this news isn't the greatest, but like Chris has reminded me, we knew this would be happening but didn't know the timing. Frankly, the thought of going through all this again is completely TERRIFYING! However, it's amazing how God is using this to remind us of His faithfulness! The funny thing is that I don't necessarily feel scared, but sad. Everyday, I get to see this beautiful baby transform into a sweet little girl. Picturing her back in the hospital gives me the chills.
As always, we are completely dependant on your prayers. PLEASE, agree with us in prayer and ask our gracious God for complete healing and wholeness. I am not above asking for a miracle!!! Friends and family, we are continuing to count on your support! God is so good and I know He is able, whether reoccuring surgeries or financial hurdles. We love you!

The dependant Finches :o)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy May Day, everyone!

Thanks for keeping up on our Lilee Jane blog. Next Wednesday is Lilee's cardiologist appointment, so I'll be keeping you updated as soon as I can.

Today, I got some overwhelming news. Since Lilee's surgery, I've been battling the bills with attempting to gain help with Medi-Cal and California Childrens Services (CCS), along with Social Security. It has proven to be a frustrating endeavor, only to discover today that CCS will only cover bills accrued from March 2008-09 (long story). Since, Lilee's surgery was in December or 2007, the remaining money (after ins. coverage) is not covered. Not only this, but all her cardiologist bills (before March 2008) aren't covered either.

All this to say... HELP! I, personally, need your prayers! It is really easy to get overwhelmed and MAD! However, I was recently reminded that GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE, no matter what! No matter how much money we owe, no matter how many surgeries Lilee needs! Dear friends, I am asking that you would specifically pray for the Lord to help us meet these financial needs! He is a God of details and I KNOW that He will work this out for HIS good. I know it!

Thank you, again, for reading this. I can't tell you how much it means to us to have such dear friends and family to count on during this whole CRAZY ordeal. We love you and TRULY count on your prayers!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

5 Months and Loving It

Hi everybody!
It's been several weeks since I last posted, so I wanted to catch everyone up and ask for prayer! May 7th is Lilee's next cardiologist appointment and we're praying for a continued good report! You kn0w, it is a funny thing to see God's hand at work so miraculously and then return to the ever familiar fear that we constantly battle. I pray for peace almost daily. Peace that will keep me from having nightmares and give rest instead.
Friends and family, you have been a consistant foundation. A source of much comfort and dependability. It's because of this, we continue to keep this blog updated. Again, please join us in prayer that Lilee's dr. appt. reveals the continued health we've been enjoying so far. Again her appt is May 7th and I will update as soon as I get more information.
On a fun note, Lilee is growing up so quickly. She sings in the car, interrupted by her hiccups and blows "raspberries" often. She rolls over and is almost sitting on her own. Here is a video I shot a few weeks ago... trying NOT to laugh while I got it.
All our love to you, dearest friends! Please write us or comment!!! We LOVE hearing from you and knowing you are still interested in what's going on!
The Finches

Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Bean

Top o' the marnin' to yer! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Here we are, almost 5 months old and looking FABULOUS! :o) I hope you all have enjoyed keeping up on this blog. I know it's not as fascinating as when Chris was writing, but hey, what can I say? I just like to add videos instead!

This morning, I was reading from Jeremiah 32:27.
"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything
too hard for Me?" (NKJV)
I've been reminded this morning of how important it is to remember to praise Him for who He is, not just what He's done! It's easy to praise the Lord when we see what He's doing, but how about praising Him for being GOD!?! Sigh! How precious we are to Him and how much He desires our PRAISE! I praise Him for His faithfulness, His compassion, His goodness and His consistency! There is NOTHING too hard for Him!

On that note, I PRAISE Him for you; our friends and loved ones who continue to support and lift us up in prayer. God is SO faithful and I have living proof everyday in the form of a healthy baby girl. Thank you! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's day and remember that there's NOTHING TOO HARD FOR HIM!

We love you!

Chris, Erin and "Green Bean"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fun Video Update!

Bon jour! I was having some fun putting this together and thought it would be nice for everyone to see! Hope you enjoy it! Love you all!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Child of The King

Good morning, dear friends and family! Well here is, as promised; a picture of Lilee's dedication just over a week ago. My brother, Paul, did the video and we're so grateful to get this wonderful event on dvd!!! Thank you, Pauly! Unfortunately, I can't figure out my new camera and how to get the footage to the blog. I'm working on it... sorry.

This picture is taken from the video when Lilee clasped her hands when the Pastor was ready to pray over her. Precious!
Just a little note this morning to share the joy we were able to enjoy in dedicating this precious life to our Savior! This is just so sweet!

All our love to you, the Finches

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Valentine's Day, Already?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! This is the national day of celebrating the heart. We are certainly thankful for our little sweetheart and her sweet heart!!!

It seems as though February is flying by and we're all looking forward to Easter and the arrival of Spring. Time goes fast enough, but having the privledge of staying home with "sissy", I start to notice her change right before my eyes. As you can see by this picture, she's growing like a weed! Don't you just love her chubby cheeks?

It has now been just over 2 months since Lilee's surgery and we couldn't be MORE pleased with the results. It's hard to believe that 2 months ago, our lives were saturated with the effects of the news that she had to have open heart surgery. Looking at her today, she's a (not walking, I guess) almost crawling example of our Heavenly Father's faithfulness. Not too many times to we actually experience such drama and get to witness the fruit! PRECIOUS!

Last Sunday, Feb. 10th, Lilee was dedicated at our home church, Century Assembly ( We were able to have almost all our family with us for the official public announcement that our daughter, Lilee Jane Finch, is dedicated to the MOST HIGH GOD!!! Hallelujah! I will try to post a snip-it of footage we recorded.

Nothing really new to report. No doctor visits, so warning signs and no alerts. It is a wonderful thing and happily makes this blog update uneventful. For now, we just continue to bask in the glow of our healed daughter and enjoy every nuance that is unfolding before our eyes.

Hope you enjoy seeing her pictures as much as we enjoy posting them.

All our love to you and your sweet hearts, this Valentine's Day!

The happy-lovey-dovey Finches

Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Mercies

Bon jour, everyone! It's Erin and I'm finally writing my first blog entry... I'm so proud of myself! :o) So, I thought I'd start out with a cute video I filmed this morning with Lilee. It's been a real priviledge to get to see her personality form and emerge with every new day, especially when it involves big smiles and joyful giggles.

Yesterday, January 30th, we had a cardiologist appointment. It's been a month since her last one, so we were praying for a good report. After a brief check up with the doctor and an ultrasound of her heart, he said she sounded and looked good. Chris asked him if Lilee was "on par" with her weight, since we were set back a bit from being in the hospital. After Lilee's weigh in at over 11 lbs, his response was, "You don't have anything to worry about. She's made up for lost time". Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! We've laughed because she's "fattening up" and getting those cute little folds in her thighs. Cute on babies, not on mommies. :o)

So, that's the latest update. Thought you'd enjoy seeing our happy little girl in action here at home. We continue to appreciate your fervent prayers and love we've received through this whole ordeal! Hope you keep checking this blog, as I'll keep it updated with fun tidbits often.

Love to you all!

Erin, Chris and "the bean"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lilee turns 3 months!

Just last Saturday as Erin, the bean and I were trying out a new Mexican restaurant near our house, it dawned on me. Today (then), Lilee was 3 months old! Wow has this last month flown by. We have had such a fun time watching her grow and change each day. Sometimes it seems like she's grown even while I've been at school for the day. Part of me is jealous that mommy gets to spend so much time with her, watching her grow and change every step of the way... then reality hits me and I remember what she does all day with diapers, feedings, naps, tantrums, more diapers, laundry and on and on! Yep, I've got it pretty good and I'm thankful! We're each getting to do what we love to do but also still sharing in what the other person is doing. It's nice being able to share school stuff with Erin because working there for 3 years gives her the knowledge, perspective and background that she can still relate with what's going on there now.

I think that she will be taking over the blog soon since she is with Lilee 24/7 now and I'm at school. Mom has all the fun stories of "Lilee did this today" and "She's doing this now." We were thinking that she could post some entries now and keep you updated on our post-hospital life! Thanks to all of you who still check in every now and then to see how the bean is doing. We hope and pray that all is well with you and yours! Until next time,
Chris, Erin and the 1/4 year old baby Lilee! :o)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year!

Can it be almost 1/2 way through January already? Wow, the new year certainly is flying by quickly. Life has been busily getting back to normal... back to school... back to work... back home... back to life.

Lilee has had an appointment with her cardiologist for a follow up check up. All seems to be going very well with her recovery. We're supposed to see him again at the end of this month and if things are still looking as they should it may be 6 more months for her next appointment.

She's slowly catching up with her weight gain although she's still pretty tiny for an almost 3 month old. I don't mind, as long as she's healthy then I think her small is cute! :o) Erin is enjoying and adapting to her new life of being an at home mom. She does such a good job with the bean, it's fun to watch them together!

Lilee smiles up a storm and we got her first laugh out of her last Saturday. Although that was the only time so far we've heard her laugh, we've got the video camera poised and ready to catch her next one! :o)

Over the past month, since we've been back from the hospital, it's been amazing to talk with dozens of people who have been impacted by the blog and Lilee's story. She truly is a tiny witness to His power and faithfulness. She's practically famous at church and so many of my students at school ask about her all the time... her own little fan club. She can't help it, she's just so cute!

We hope and pray that your 2008 has been happy and healthy so far. Looking forward to catching up with all of you in the near future. If you've got a chance, drop Erin a line, she'd love the "e-company" while she's at home with the baby! Lots of love,
Chris, Erin & Lilee Bean! :o)