Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Baaaaaack!

Greetings from Lodi, CA!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. We've been anxiously awaiting Lilee's next cardiologist appt to determine when her next surgery will be. Since I last wrote, this little girl has kept us on our toes with changing and growing so very quickly. My goodness!

I've attempted to get more video together in another montage, but I haven't finished it yet. So, just so you know, Lilee is progressing beautifully. Eating like a little piggy, she is the picture of health. To look at her, she doesn't seem like anything is wrong with her heart, which is wonderful that she's recovered so beautifully!

Yesterday (June 23rd) she pulled herself up from a sitting position in her crib. Look out, everyone, here she comes. She's practically 8 months old now and developing at a rapid pace. If she could, she's be running around the house I'm sure. :o)

Things in the Finch household are stable and good. Chris finished his first year as principal at Century at the beginning of June and is now busy getting ready for next school year. He also graduated June 1st from National University with his Masters degree in cross-cultural teaching. His next endeavor will be his administrative credential. I'm so proud of him!!!

Chris' uncle passed away last week of cancer, which we're very sorry. However, he had recently accepted the Lord, for which we are extremely grateful! He is so faithful... faithful to the end!

This summer, we plan on taking a few camping vacations with our (work in progress) canned ham trailer. We are restoring it and using it before it's done. It's just so cute and begging to be used. So, we'll give it a try. It will also be Lilee's first camping trip. If she's anything like her daddy, she's be hooked from the beginning!

Well, sweet friends and family, that's all for now. I'll post as soon as we have an update from the cardiologist on July 10th. We still believe that she CAN be healed, so we pray for that. Whatever He allows, we KNOW He'll use it to show His power. However many surgeries, however many doctor bills!

We love you and hope you reply to this post. It's so encouraging to hear from you. You have no idea!

All our love,

Erin, Chris and the jumping bean


mlharrison said...

I love it when you update this thing, I check it all the time. I especially enjoy the pictures and video's of her, what a ham, and absolutely adorable. You guys are alway's on our minds, we miss you tremendously. We continue to pray for complete healing for Lilee's heart. God is in control. We love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Could she be any cuter?! I love the updates. They make me smile! God Bless You All.

Amy Ming

Skywalker53 said...

7/2/08: Greetings to all.

Thanks for all the info the 6/24/08 blog. And the new "jumping bean" picture is so adorable. Have fun camping this summer in your "canned ham trailer"! (what is your "canned ham trailer" like?) Take me with you. Thanks again for the update and God's blessing on all of you. Love always, Cindy Lee

Caden said...

Your little Lilee is adorable! My little guy is 20 months old, and also has Truncus. I have a small (but growing) group of Truncus blogging friends if you would like to visit our page. I will be praying that her cardiology appointments go well. I would like to add a link to your page if that's okay with you.

God Bless

Ashlea (Caden's mom)