Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ok, I've officially crossed the line to being a TERRIBLE blogger.  Hi to all of you who are faithful to periodically check this blog!  I was just taking a minute to scan our Lilee Jane's blog to recall some memories and I noticed it has been too long since I, myself, has visited.  Wow!

As most of you know, we now live in the Pacific Northwest.  We currently are in a suburb of Spokane, WA and still enjoying the nuances of learning a new way of life outside of our native California.  We are currently getting the kids set up with doctors, but Lilee should be having another ultrasound in a month or so.  Since her surgery back in 2007... wow... she has had many ultrasounds and the report is consistent.  No updating surgeries yet!  We continue to be thankful for her heart and healing we've received so far. 

I will post more later, but I wanted to update for the few die-hards that continue to check... (that means you, mom).  :o)

Our love to you all!
First day of 1st grade