Thursday, May 1, 2008


Happy May Day, everyone!

Thanks for keeping up on our Lilee Jane blog. Next Wednesday is Lilee's cardiologist appointment, so I'll be keeping you updated as soon as I can.

Today, I got some overwhelming news. Since Lilee's surgery, I've been battling the bills with attempting to gain help with Medi-Cal and California Childrens Services (CCS), along with Social Security. It has proven to be a frustrating endeavor, only to discover today that CCS will only cover bills accrued from March 2008-09 (long story). Since, Lilee's surgery was in December or 2007, the remaining money (after ins. coverage) is not covered. Not only this, but all her cardiologist bills (before March 2008) aren't covered either.

All this to say... HELP! I, personally, need your prayers! It is really easy to get overwhelmed and MAD! However, I was recently reminded that GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE, no matter what! No matter how much money we owe, no matter how many surgeries Lilee needs! Dear friends, I am asking that you would specifically pray for the Lord to help us meet these financial needs! He is a God of details and I KNOW that He will work this out for HIS good. I know it!

Thank you, again, for reading this. I can't tell you how much it means to us to have such dear friends and family to count on during this whole CRAZY ordeal. We love you and TRULY count on your prayers!


Skywalker53 said...

Chris, Erin & Lilee "bean",
Just read your blog today, 5/2/08, and overwhelmed is an understatement. Yes, Will uplift you all in prayer. In my prayers for Dr. appt. next week. Huges and Kisses, Cindy Lee

jenn said...

So sorry to hear seems financial difficulties are everywhere. Some how God always manages to provide what we really need. We are in some problems as well. However it turns out I am not to worried because God has never failed me or my family. I might not have received what I wanted, but I have always had food and a roof over my head. Just have to remember that and work through the rest. Love you guys and will be praying.