Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday!

"His mercies are new every morning!" That promise has proved true for us yet again on Day 13 at the hospital. We arrived this morning to a room full of doctors, nurses and staff at Lilee's bedside. A pretty scary looking scene but in reality they were just doing their normal morning rounds checking on each patient. All in all, Lilee has great news to report this morning. Lilee's midnight X-ray last night showed her "pneumothorax" or small pocket of air above her left lung is still there. However the doctors say that it is small and doesn't seem "problematic." Because of this, they are not going to go in with another tube and try and remove it! Thank you Lord! Also, due to her great stats in terms of her heart rate, blood pressures and blood gasses, they are going to allow her to have her first bottle this morning! YEAH!!! In fact, Erin is downstairs in Lilee's room right now giving her long awaited breakfast!!!

That's not all! Good news comes by the buckets this morning. Also in their rounds, the doctors signed her transfer orders to move her up to recovery on the 3rd floor! That news is HUGE because it means first that she's stable enough to be moved and even closer to going home! Oh, I forgot to mention this big news to: They also took out BOTH of her big chest tubes last night so now she only has a couple of IVs still in her and the rest are just her regular monitor wires! There is a monitor that is still in, that actually goes to the right side of her heart and monitors Right Atrial pressure. That one is also scheduled to be removed today. This is fantastic news because that is the last thing that needs to go before mom and I get to pick her up and hold her again! Wahoo!!!

As I said before, moving to the 3rd floor is news that we've been hoping and praying for the last several days! The "short clock" begins ticking once we get up there. If she continues to improve on schedule, we could be discharged as early as Sunday!!! "E" and I are planning on Monday or Tuesday but Sunday would be a welcome surprise and early Christmas present!

Wow, lots of good news today. Praise the Lord. It came at just the right time I think. They say that it's always the darkest right before dawn. Yesterday was a pretty low day for mom and I as mentioned in yesterday's posts. But a new day brings new joy. Romans 5 reminds me that "tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit." I know the love of God has been poured into Lilee's new and improved heart much because of the faithful prayers and support from all of you, our friends and family. I think what Erin and I have felt through all of this has been an overflowing from Lilee's little heart to ours. Thank you Lord and thank you all! Looking forward to getting to come home soon. Have a wonderful weekend.
Resting in His grace,
Mom, Dad and a rapidly healing Bean!


Skywalker53 said...

12/14/07: Praise God!! what great news. Thanks for the posting today. So very glad that Bean (Lilee) is on a great road to recovery. Just so happy for you and Erin. Praise Him. Much love to you all, Cindy Lee

Mimi & Papa said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! That is great news and Dad and I are so excited at the prospect of you 3 being home by the end of this weekend or early next week.

Continuing to pray for healing for all of you.

All our love,
Mimi & Papa

Garold Murray said...

Great news!!! Sharon & I have been thinking (praying) alot for Lilee and "ya-all". We are leaving on our Mexico cruse Sun 12/16 and will return on 12/22. Hope you're all at home sweet home by then. GM

Glad to hear Lilee is doing so well. I know you both must be exhausted, but it will all be over soon. If that picture is recent she looks fabulous, good color and everything. Anyways, we will check back with you once we return home from our anniversary/Christmas present to each other, our cruise. Will continue to pray and think of you all. Lots of love! SM

Sarah said...

Praise the Lord! Still praying for you guys, and hope to see you ALL for a family gathering at Christmas. We love you. Kiss the girly for me.

mlharrison said...

I'm so excited for the three of you. Bet Lilee Bean enjoyed that bottle poor little munchkin. Eden wouldn't know what to do if she had to wait longer than three hours. God is so good. Love you guys. Michelle

Cat said...

Praise God! What a great day and such wonderful news! Your Bean is on the mend by leaps and bounds!

This is going to be the best Christmas - EVER!



Lindsey said...

hi you 2

I missed seeing you at the hospital today. I did several Lilee checks and she looks great. She was wide awake so I asked her if if she could hurry and get better so she can go home for Christmas and and her parents could keep their spirits up!!! She told me that she would do what she could! I will hope that u get discharged by Sunday even though part of me would like to keep u guys forever!!!! Thanks for being so fantastic and reminding me why I became a social worker.
Great NEWS!

Kim said...

God is faithful! I just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for Lilee, Parents and Grandparents as well as the whole medical staff. I will continue to pray and watch our Lord be faithful and mighty on her behalf. He has great plans for that little blessing!

Love and Prayers,

Kim (NLCC)

Carroll said...

Denny and I continue to pray for ALL of you!!!! We have found the Lord to be forever faithful. I'm so thankful for this website where we can learn how to pray effectively each day. Many in our church are also praying for this precious gift from our Father!!!
Carroll and Denny Klingbile

Auntie Christina said...

Hey bro and sis! It was so good to see you today and Lilee looks amazingl, she's already such a strong little girl. We will continue to pray for her recovery and we can't wait for you all to come home... (Uncle Paul has been waiting so long, and impatiently to see his girl!)
Much love from both of us,
Christina and Paul

Glenn Kuhn said...

Chris, Erin, and Lilee Jane,

I like that combination! We are ecstatic that the news has been so good lately. We have been praying since we heard--actually even before then. Continue to see the progress that God is granting. He truly is good!

We will continue to pray for your family: strength, healing, and all that God has to provide.

With much blessings and love,
Glenn and Susan