Monday, December 3, 2007

Tests, Tests, Tests

Quick note this morning! Lilee and I went for a "tour" of the hospital today as mom got a shower and freshened up from her night in the hospital. We did a sonogram on her head, bladder and kidneys (boy did she not like that goo on her head!). Then we went for an Echo cardiogram where I got a cool tour of our little one's heart. It turns out she also has a small hole in between the right and left ventricles in her heart that is allowing the oxygen rich and oxygen poor blood to mix before leaving her heart. Not good, they'll fix that too. The tech that did the sonogram said that she was very surprised to see a 5 week old with Truncus and joked that she thought it must be a misdiagnosis because she's doing so well. (We know the real reason she's done so well thus far! :o) Anyway all that to say she's in great hands here and we feel blessed to have her at such a wonderful place. Erin met the doctor today but didn't have much to say yet. I'm sure after all of Lilee's tests we'll get a better idea of what we're up against. I know lots of people are checking the site regularly so I wanted to get a "mid-morning" update your way! Love you all, talk to you soon,
Chris, E & the bean! :o)


Leigh said...

Praying and believing for great things. I will share Lilee's web page with church prayer warriors.
Our love,
Auntie Leigh J. & Uncle Rich

Cherie said...

Hi kids,

Watching your blog and praying a lot. I cannot stand being so close and not being able to hug her. Let me know if I can pop in some time before the surgery. Even if it is to just giver her a kiss.
Love you lots!! Aunt Cherie

Sarah Yanagi said...

I love you guys. We are praying and spreading the word to everyone we know to pray. I am excited about what God is going to do. What a testimony your lives are through this time. Lilee is His =)

Erin and Chris, I am praying especially for you for strength and joy and that this time will bring a closeness in your marriage that will be beyond words. Love you guys!

Jeanine Rutherford said...

Hi kids and grandparents,

Missing you. You are all in my family's prayers daily. You will have the strength to help Lilee through this. Stanford is a wonderful place.
Love and Blessings,

Steve/Marti James said...

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet) seen- Heb 11:1-
. Eyes see the storm-faith sees Noah's rainbow
. Eyes see giants-faith sees Canaan land
. Eyes see faults and guilt-faith sees the blood of the Savior
. Eyes see a very sick baby-faith sees a healthy, happy, and frolicking baby Lilee as she plays with her mom and dad. Lord cause our eyes to be the eyes of faith;faith in your healing power and care. Jesus is saying to you, I am the one who holds her in my hands, I am a restorer of the broken, I am the ultimate healer. We know that she is God's gift, not only to her parents, and grandparents, but to her extended family and the hospital staff that see what knowing God can achieve, and with power we speak it into existence. Amen-(so let it be done)
We love u guys and little Lilee and are bombarding heaven on her behalf.
Love-Steve and Marti James