Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Lord's Day

Praise the Lord, Lilee's day has come at last!!! She is the only cardiac patient on tomorrow's schedule and we've been told that barring an emergency heart transplant or something that critical, Lilee would be taken in at 8:00 in the morning for her heart surgery. We are so thankful that the wait appears to be over. Tomorrow around 2:00, Lilee should be on the road to recovery!

We had to take her into the ICU tonight so that we’d be sure she had a bed after her procedure. So tonight we had the incredible task of leaving our only daughter that we waited so long to get, in the hands of strangers in the hospital. It’s a unique emotion to know in your head that she is ok and in the care of some of the best staff in the world and yet have your heart have a completely opposite reaction screaming “no, I can’t leave my baby!!!” The leaving was definitely the worst as we had a wonderful “recovery dinner” with the grandparents at Chevy’s tonight. I trust we will get some good rest tonight in preparation of the long day of waiting ahead. We will covet your prayers tomorrow in the hours between 8:00 and 2:00 throughout Lilee’s surgery. Please lift up the doctors, nurses, technicians and every other staff member involved in this amazing undertaking. May He guide their hands and direct their path to truly be His instruments of healing for our baby. Also we’d appreciate your encouragement and prayer for us and the rest of her family as we expectantly wait for news of her surgery.

We’ll keep you posted as we know… good night for now and a good day to come.

In His care,

Chris, Erin and little Lilee ‘bean’ :o)


Danielle said...

We will start praying now for a swift and successful surgery in the hours to come.

Much love to all, and looking forward to hearing the wonderful news that Lilee is safely out of surgery and recovering with her Mommy and Daddy at her bedside.


Danielle, Eric, Roma and Quincy V.

Cat said...

Chris and Erin,

I'm so happy to hear that the waiting is over. I'm praying for all of you - including the doctors and nurses. Your Bean is in good hands. Here's to a swift and complete recovery for that sweet girl of yours!

Keeping Lilee and all of you in my heart in prayers - especially today.



Mom & Dad K said...

Hello sweet kids,
Although this has been a tough week, what a beautiful gift of faith, hope and love you're receiving from Jesus. As Aunt Gail said this week, this is now Lilee's story being written and we get to watch how He's going to use her to touch and change lives. I know I will never be the same!
Dad & I couldn't be more proud of you and your determination to stay the course. You are so amazing!
We know He will keep you in peace today as you see Him work His wonders...and we'll be right beside you.

All our love and prayers today,
Your Mama & Daddy Krug

jenn said...

Lord Jesus I just lift up baby Lilee to you and ask that you will watch over her as she goes through this tough path at the beginning of her life. Help her to heal quickly and become the beautiful and energetic gift you have planned for her. May you guide the doctors and staff through this surgery. Lord I lift Chris and Erin to you, help them through this tough day of waiting, and loneliness/emptiness feeling. Please give them peace in their hearts and let them see the joy, that is yet to come, of their precious gift, Lilee. Please touch the family Lord and help them through this day and the days to come through the recovery. In your name. Amen.
We love you and will keep praying for you throughout the day. Love you all. You are all very special gifts of God. You are in my thoughts. Love you, Love you.
- Loren, Jennifer and Shelby

Gina said...

Karli and I just said a prayer for little Lilee! She is the best prayer in the house and has been praying for Lilee all week! My heart is with the two of you also. Karli says she also is praying for the nurses and doctors to take good care of her heart! Can't wait to hear the update on your little bean!
Love, Gina and Karli

Cherie said...

Prepare to be AMAZED!!!

Cherie said...
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Dionne said...

Dear Lord,
I ask you to lift this sweet baby girl, Lilee Jane Finch father god that you give the dr.,nurses, and staff that thier hands can move and give the all the neccesary things that the need to fix Lilee's heart and that she heel quickly Lord. I ask that you lift her mommy, daddy , and her grandparents as they wait for her to be in recovery and that they can hold her soon, Father God. You are so amazing , even though they had to wait for this day to come, you have prepared them for today.
The hospital didn't have any other surgery's and they are able to focus just on Lilee, thank you Lord. Lord, I know that you are an amazing God and You have a purpose for everything, You continue to amaze me, and everyone who beleives in you. Thank you so much Lord. I pray this in you mighty and precious name, Father God. Amen

Chris and Erin, .
We love you so much and are with you in faith. We are hoping that you have your sweet baby girl, that she heels quickly and if time is right that you will be home in Lodi for Christmas. Love to you.

Garold Murray said...

Hi sweet family,
God is sooooo good. His timing is soooo perfect. He planned all along on Lilee being the only cardio patient on Sunday, with no other distractions. Please know we are praying for you all, and for little Lilee, the staff and any others that might touch your lives on this very special day. We will be waiting to hear good news regarding the surgery and more good news as she recovers. One of the hardest parts is over, but prepare yourself for another big jump when you see her all hooked up to wires and a breathing machine. Not to scare you, but that was definitely a reality check for me during Jennifer's surgery. God is faithful and He is by no means finished with your little Lilee or the lives your little family will touch because of this very week.

When Jennifer was released from the hospital, we got her a big heart cookie that said I left my heart in San Francisco, but crossed out the left and added fixed. I fixed my heart in San Francisco, and she had that cookie for awhile. She just couldn't eat it. Wow!

Love, hugs and kisses to all,
Sharon and Garold Murray

Sylvia said...

I'm at work right now and taking a little time to catch up on posted news. Christina and I spent the day together yesterday with Lilee on our minds and we prayed for her at Christina's (and Pauls's)humble dinner table. Praise God that all is going well for Lilee and folks. Chris, I did shed a tear or two for the roomates. Please give their families an "abrazo y sentimientos" from me. What beauty and resilience these families posess all with God's strength. Vaya con Dios, Sylvia Linarez