Sunday, December 2, 2007

We're in

Sorry gang for the short update tonight. It's about quarter after 10 on Sunday night and I'm just heading to the hotel. Erin and I got Lilee down here to Stanford at about 10:30 this morning. We did a bit of admissions paperwork but they said her bed would not be ready until noon. Well noon turned into 3:00 but we finally got in. They've just been doing some preliminary analysis right now (oxygen levels, breathing rate, heart rate, etc.). It sounds like we'll get to meet with the doctor (Dr. Feinstein, pictured right) tomorrow and really get the ball rolling. We had our first glimpse into what's ahead today when they tried to get a blood sample from her tiny little vein in her arm that can't be any thicker in diameter than one of our hairs. Needless to say it was a very tough thing to watch and help try to hold our little one down as the nurses worked. :o( I know it's a necessary evil but it's torture none-the-less.

We hope to have some solid news to report to you tomorrow whether it's a surgery date or that she's healed and we're coming home soon. Both are in His power, we just are waiting for which one it will be. I know I've been saying this a lot but thank you all, our family and friends, who have continued to lift our family up to the Lord. I can tell you that Erin and I have had a peace these last few days that can only come from Him. Thank you Lord and thank you all! We'll be in touch tomorrow!


Lynn said...

Dear Finch's
I am sitting here tonight reading this blog and thinking about when I was on your end of it; the one writing about our loved one and I remember how nice it was to read the comments from everyone. I continue in prayer for this little "bean" baby, and I rely on and trust God to perform the surgery meticulously and perfectly, and while He's at it He will guide the hands of the surgeons as they fall into alignment of His guidance. We know we serve a sovereign God, whose peace far surpasses anything we can conceive of. Because of that, the victory has already been established in the heavenly realm. As all of you, parents and grandparents align yourselves in His trusting arms and support and love for one another, He will do His part most assuredly. Standfast, wait and hope beyond measure for the deliverance to appear! I love you guys!
Lynn "Bean"

Frank said...

Chris & Erin
You are all in our prayers. Our church said a special prayer for Lilee yesterday morning. We trust in God and we know He will give you a good outcome. Our great grandson had a similar procedure 3 days after he was born and he is a rowdy four year old today. That is proof to us that He still works miracles. And we know God will care for your little miracle too.
God Bless All of You.

Frank & Linda Simpson
(Friends of Frank & Kris)

Gail Harris said...

Good Morning Nephew and Niece!
I just wanted you to know that Oregon and Washington continue to pray and lift you up believing that we will see victory for our little Lille Jane. We think of you moment to moment praying constantly as this process unfolds.

Please know that your cousins ask daily how you all 3 are and are very concerned and loving you.

Know that when it gets scary and hard to stand, we are all underneath you carrying the load, holding you up. We are so grateful to know that peace is yours, God is so good!!!

We will watch closely and send out info, we have many praying and asking about Lilee. She is so beautiful by the way. What a girl!

We adore and love you beyond words!
Great Uncle Neal and Auntie Gail

mlharrison said...

Lilee Bean -

We are praying for you doll baby. It breaks my heart that you are going through this, but we know that God is on our side. We are believing God for a complete miracle and if it turns out that you have to have the surgery that God will guide the hands of the doctor's and your little body will recover perfectly. Kisses to you sweet little thing.

Love The Harrison's

Skywalker53 said...

Erin, Chris, & Lilee J.:

Thanks for the updates. Am in prayer for all of you. Just remember to breathe. Holding U up to HIM. From cousin in So. Cal., XOXOX Cindy Lee