Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today is the day we've waited for. If all goes according to plan we should be discharged late this morning. Thank you Lord! Today is Day 17 in the hospital and it's well time that we take our little baby home. I feel like we're getting an award after all of this work and stress. So when you get an award you have to thank all the people that made it possible... so here goes!

First and foremost, we thank and praise our Lord for his enduring faithfulness and mercy to us and to Lilee these past 2+ weeks. He has been nothing but a Rock for us to lean on throughout this incredibly trying time. The peace that He has given Erin and I truly has been inexplicable. Thank you Lord.

We also must thank this incredible hospital and all of its' wonderful staff! ALL of of our nurses on 3 East, when we got here, the CVICU where we were after surgery and in 3 West where we've been since Sunday night. AWESOME all of you, thank you for the bottom of our hearts. Also to the skilled and professional doctors that Lilee has been in the care of since her arrival; your talent and ability has been a life saving blessing to our little daughter for which we could never repay. The folks in admittance, patient relations, all those who cleaned our rooms and cooked our meals, thank you for making our stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

Thank you to the hospital Chaplains who have lifted Lilee (and her parents in prayer throughout our stay. Also to "Uncle Don" our kind hearted friend at our hotel, thank you for your understanding and patience these last few weeks.

A special thank you to our social worker, Lindsey Evans! What an awesome young lady who has been a source of comfort and sanity in this often crazy place. She has been "heaven sent" to us and helped us with everything from hotels to stay in, food while we've been here and just stopping by to say hi to see how we were holding up! Thank you so much Lindsey, you've more than earned a special place in our family for years to come! :o)

We also must thank our families who have been by our sides throughout this entire ordeal. What a blessing you have been to us, I don't know how we could have done this without you! All our love and all of our thanks.

Lastly but definitely not least, to all of you faithful members of "Team Lilee" who have regularly checked her blog; your many prayers, thoughts and encouragement have been a been a constant blessing to Erin and I. I' m still amazed at how many people this little site has been able to reach and impact.

We will still continue to update her blog, perhaps not as frequently as in the hospital. :o) I'm pretty sure we're going to keep her around for a while so we'll have to keep you updated on her progress! :o) We truly love you all and can't thank you enough for all of your love and support over these past few weeks. The next time we write, it should be from home! Finally! Praise God!

Chris, Erin and "The Goin' Home Bean"


Leigh J said...

Welcome home, Finch family, and the Merriest Christmas. We will continue to pray for the recovery of all of you.
Our love,
Auntie Leigh J. & Uncle Rich

Anonymous said...

Daddy & Mommy,
I asked Mimi to write this so I could tell you how thankful I am to have you for my Mommy and Daddy. You have been by my side nearly every minute of my time at the hospital, covering me with prayer, watching over me and kissing my face off! Thank you for loving me so much and soon I will be able to give you all my smiles, hugs and kisses so you'll know just how much I love you too.
I can't wait to get home and spend Christmas with all my family so lets go!
Mimi and I will be in touch soon.

ALL my love,

Your Lilee Jane Finch
aka Lilee Bean, Lilee Bug, Sweet Pea, Princess, etc.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy to hear that you are going home! What a great gift for Christmas!

God bless you all,

Gail Harris said...

We are all rejoicing with you! What a victory and sweet home coming. This will change Christmas for the Finch/Krug/Harris Families forever. The gift of gifts short of Jesus himself. We can only imagine how it will feel to walk through your door with Lilee Bean in your arms.
Know that we are loving and hugging you all three!
All of our love,
Uncle Neal and Auntie Gail

Sarah said...

Praise the Lord, Thank You Jesus!
Can't wait to meet the little dear.
Love to you all three,

mlharrison said...

Finally, Finally, Finally.....YEAH LILEE BUG it's over baby!! You can sleep in your own bed, and eat whenever you want to, and be held by all the friends and family who have been waiting years for you. We pray that God will protect you all the days of you life and that you will grow to be a beautiful, healthy, blessed little lady. Hugs & Kisses to you sweet little monkey.

Love Michelle Harrison

Vicki said...

Yeah! We are so excited that you are coming home. We have missed you so. You have been in our thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. You have no idea how your little life has drawn us so much closer to the heart of the Father. Thank you for the blessing in disguise. Merry First Christmas LIttle Miss Lilee! We can't wait to see you again.
Love You All,
Sean & Vicki

Cat said...

Hot Dog!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Yippee!!!!!!!! Yee-HAW!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! I'm SO HAPPY to hear your great news! :-)

I hope you're reading this post from the comfort of your own home, with your Bean tucked snuggly in her little nest.

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! YAY!!!!!!!

Welcome home and have a WONDERFUL and MERRY, MERRY Christmas!

Jumping for joy over here!!!!!!!!!!!


John Higgins said...

WOW! this is wonderful news. My family and I are praising God with you. I KNOW the peace you spoke of only to well. Our God is amazing. Hope to see you three at church soon. John Higgins

Steve/Marti James said...

We have such an awesome God!! It has been hard for all three of you, but God has always been there, tenderly watching, giving comfort, and smiling at all the praise, prayer, and worship that has drawn so many people together. He has begun a good work in all of you and will continue to have His hands upon your entire family. Lilee Bean is destined for GREAT things, and you will all stand in awe of how God is working in her life and anyone that she touches.

We can't wait to see the little peanut and to hug you all...Steve and Marti

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lilee, just wanted to wish you and your Mommy and Daddy Happy Holidays. There isn't a better a gift than being able to spend it with the ones you love AND at HOME! All the best on your recovery little princess! With love and prayers, Geraldine `,;)

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas