Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hungry Bean!

The good news is Lilee is awake and bright eyed this morning; the most alert we've seen her since her surgery on Sunday. The bad news is she alert enough to know she's somewhere she doesn't want to be and most of all that she hungry! Poor little thing, in order to bring down her post-op swelling, they have given her a lot of diuretics. Well they have certainly worked! She looks so thin now and her little "hangy" skin makes her look so sad. Her little tongue is motoring non-stop in search of the 'magic bottle.' We were able to give her her pacifier (her best friend... aka: "the binkie") this morning with some sugar water on it and it was like we took her to Disneyland for the first time... YIPPEE!!! Due to the removal of the breathing tube yesterday she has the most pathetic, labored raspy cry. Tear your heart out...oh my goodness!

So where do we go from here? Well the doctors did their rounds this morning and one told us that yesterday's X-ray showed that Lilee had a small pocket of air above her left lung. They are hoping that has gone away on its own. They have scheduled another X-ray for 12:00 today, in about an hour from now. If the results of that scan shows that the air is gone, she will be able to have her first bottle then. If the pocket is still there, they will need to place a small tube in that space to try and remove that air. Obviously, we're praying that that air is gone and Lilee can start eating ASAP. We will let you know the results of that X-ray as soon as we can but as always, your prayers would be appreciated for her at this new crossroads. Merry Christmas! We'll talk soon,
The Finches

PS. Lilee's picture with Grandpa was taken last week. Didn't want you to think she was looking "that good" yet. Soon enough, she'll be back to her happy little self! :o)


jonesesther46 said...

I have been keeping up with the posting of progress on baby Lilee
Jane. We have been holding you all in prayer and continue to till you come home. There have been so many miracles and God is not finished yet! Be encouraged and strengthened.

Love S,E,N Jones

pnoble said...

Yay!! Little Bean is breathing all alone! I'm praying for those X-rays! Poor Baby needs a bottle!

Love ya!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh you two. How difficult it must be to see your Bean with her little motoring mouth searching for her magic bottle. It rips my heart out just reading your words Chris.

I'm praying that the air pocket resolved itself and that Lilee is able to start eating today.

As difficult as today has been, there are things to celebrate! Lilee's breathing on her own, she's more alert, AND she's hungry! All good things!

Still keeping all of you in my prayers and hope to hear that your Bean was able to enjoy a nice lunch today.



Frank said...

Hallelujah, that raspy little cry is the sound of a miracle. We continue to hold all of you up in prayer especially Lilie Jane. We are praying that she continue to make miraculous progress and make it home for Christmas. What a wonderful present that would be.

Frank & Linda Simpson