Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Snail's Pace

Sorry gang! Things just don't run at lightning pace around here. You'd think we'd learn that by now after our 12 days at "Hotel Packard." Unfortunately we have not made any progress in getting Lilee that first post-op bottle. The X-rays came back earlier to show that her little air pocket above her lung was still there. Before they were forced to insert an additional tube to remove the air, the doctors wanted to try one more thing first. One of Lilee's chest tubes was scheduled to be removed today and that tube is located very close to where that pocket of air is. The surgeons are going to attempt to remove that tube today with a little added negative pressure (suction). Hopefully as they remove that chest tube, the air pocket will come out with the tube. This was the plan we heard about at a quarter to 1:00 this afternoon... the hangup is that the surgeons needed to perform this "tube-ectomy" (my word... I'm becoming a doctor here you know :o) they are still in surgery with another patient. Back to the "juggling doctors" game.

Although she does look like a 'skinny minnie' she is still very healthy, relatively happy and looking better every hour. We know this is but a temporary thing but I think because it is day 12 for us, Erin and I are starting to feel the effects of this whole ordeal. We are kind of tired and Erin is anxious to just be able to hold and feed her baby again soon. We know that each little step that Lilee makes is one baby step (literally) towards getting to go home and making this a memory. For me, it reminds me of the feeling I get after a long flight home after a long trip. Yes the long flight's over and it was pain but now you still have to drive home from Sacramento of San Francisco before you can really be home. I know we WILL really be home... I just hope it's soon. Good night all! Merry Christmas!
Chris, Erin and Lilee Jane

PS. Another Grandpa picture for you... two in one day! We're "Equal Opportunity Grandpa Reporters" around here! :o)


Cat said...

You poor worn out Loves! I know how exhausting AND frustrating the hospital scene is! Jeff was at Stanford for two weeks this year, and being with him 10 - 12 hours each day, was like living in an altered reality.

If you two decide to take a small break - to catch your breath and recharge your batteries a little, I can recommend a few neat places to visit - that are less than 5 minutes from the hospital.

The Allied Arts Guild is at the end of Stockton Ave. Go through Stanford Shopping Center, make a left on El Camino Real, and a left on Stockton Ave. Go all the way down to where Stockton dead-ends at the Guild. It's beautiful place and the gardens are awesome!

If you haven't already, Max's Opera Cafe at Stanford Shopping Center is a delicious place to grab a bite to eat! It's also a fun place and is right across from the open market there.

I've been thinking about Lilee's little raspy voice, and will end this communication by sharing a funny story.

I was at Stanford for surgery years ago, and the tube they had down my throat during surgery, wrecked havic with my voice afterwards. For about a week, I sounded like I had inhaled helium and was talking in that helium induced weird high pitched voice. At times, I sounded like one of the munckins! :-) It freaked my sister-in-law out, but she was too polite to ask me what was up with that voice!

Your sweet Bean's voice will return to normal shortly - I promise! Meanwhile, I hope with the tube removal, that the little pocket of air came out with it!

Hang tight you two! Recovery is a series of steps forward, with the occassional backstep thrown in. The important thing to keep in mind is that the backstep never takes you back to square one. And above all else, you know that God has you, and your sweet Bean in his loving embrace.

Major hugs to the three of you!



King Family said...

Hi...still rejoicing and praying!
It's amazing when you see how strong your baby is. She will plump up again in no time!!!
love, love, love,
The King Family

Papa K said...

We are continuing to pray for our sweet granddaughter and her parents. Funny...seems like we are still there!
You'll be home very soon and enjoying Christmas together! Mimi went shopping today and has fun things for the Bean...AND her parents!
Love you all so much,
Papa K