Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Extubate & Celebrate!!!

Yeah, good news! Mom and I just left Lilee's room because her doctors and nurses were getting ready to take out her breathing tube. That is a huge step in her recovery and ability to move to the recovery level of the hospital. Dr. Roth (pictured left), the doctor in charge of the CVIC unit where Lilee is right now, says if all goes well, she may be able to move to the 3rd floor as soon as Friday. That puts a tentative release date of early next week. Hallelujah!

"Mimi and Papa" Krug headed back home this morning to rest and regroup. It sure has been a blessing having family close by for support and encouragement. Sometimes this mom and dad need their moms and dads too I guess! :o)

Happy Wednesday all! We hope you're enjoying the beginning of this wonderful Christmas season. Even in this sterile hospital,we are enjoying the lights and decorations that are beginning to show up around here. Tis the season for peace, love and joy! Thank you for being a source for those 3 things for us in these crazy times!

With love,
Chris, Erin and the "tubeless bean" :o)


Garold Murray said...

Congratulations to all. She's well on her way to recovery. We are so happy for you all and thankful to our gracious Father for His hand in all of the details. Still praying for you all and now definitely rejoicing too!
Lots of love,
Garold and Sharon

Cat said...

Woo-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I'm only 30 minutes from Stanford. Do you two need anything? If so, let Kris know. She has my cell number!

Still praying non-stop over here.... for ALL of you! So, so happy to hear about today's progress.


Skywalker53 said...

"Bean", Chris & Erin,
So glad to hear in this latest update (12/12) that Lilee's recovery is progressing in such a great and blissful manner. As always, you are all being upheld to our Lord who is meeting all your needs.

Hugs and Kisses to all of you, Love, Cindy Lee