Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Report

Good morning friends and family,
It seems like I just sent our mass e-mail to all of you to celebrate with us Lilee’s birth. Unfortunately, this round of news is not so celebratory. Lilee’s pediatrician Tuesday said that he detected a bit of a heart murmur and wanted her to see a pediatric cardiology specialist. We had that appointment yesterday and the news was not good.

Lilee has a heart condition that will require that she has surgery to fix it soon. The two main arteries from the heart, the pulmonary artery (which feeds the lungs) and the aorta (with sends blood to the rest of the body) normally in the womb begin as one vessel and then, as we develop, divide into the two arteries that you and I have. Lilee’s did not fully separate into two. The result of that is that some blood that is meant for her lungs is going to the rest of her body and the oxygen-rich blood that comes from her lungs that is meant to go to the rest of her body, some of it is going back to her lungs unnecessarily.

The doctor says that the surgery has a 90%+ success rate and he has called Stanford to check their availability. Right now we are just waiting for the call. She could go in today, tomorrow or in the next couple of weeks. It just depends on the hospital.

As you can imagine, your prayers are coveted in this stressful time for our family. However, Erin and I stand firmly in God’s perfect faithfulness for our daughter. He has blessed us in giving her to us and I am thankful that He has chosen her, at such a young age, to display His glory, power and ability. He is the rock of our past, our peace in the present and our hope for the future.

We love you all and wish we could call everyone and talk with you about “the latest.” For now, we’ll do our best to keep you updated as things develop. Thank you for your many prayers and constant support.

For His glory,

Chris, Erin & Lilee

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