Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maybe TODAY!

Good morning Lilee-watchers!

Well the good is mixed with the tough today, I'm afraid. The good news is that there is a chance that Lilee might have her surgery on her heart this afternoon. Depending on the more critical cases ahead of her, Dr. Reddy, Lilee's surgeon, (pictured below) has one surgery this morning and then the second one this afternoon may or may not happen. We've been told that if the second family doesn't work out fro today then Lilee may be moved up till today. We are so thankful that she may even have surgery less than a week after she was diagnosed! WOW!

The sad news is mainly just sad for mom and dad. The staff is having a VERY difficult time drawing enough blood from Lilee to do the lab work needed for her surgery. That means she's been "poked" more than 10 times by 8 different lab techs. That's been the hardest thing this dad has ever had to do! The worse news is they're still not done trying. They have an important one that must be done this morning. Oh Lord, please let them get what they need.

We should know more late morning or this afternoon and we'll be sure to put a post up with new details. As a side note, the person that came and talked to us about the surgery said to count on at least 2 weeks being in the hospital after her procedure. I think we knew that before but that was a new rrealization last night... 2 weeks, maybe longer. "I'll be home for Christmas" will be sung with new resolution in the Finch family this year! :o) Hope to have some good news to report by lunch time!

Lilee J. & The Heartbreakers (that's our new band! :o)


frankkrug said...

Goodmorning precious children!
Dad and I are so happy that our Bean will have her surgery very soon. After watching you two with her there at Stanford, we couldn't be more proud of you and your love and determination to walk our girl through her first big trial. You have tons of prayer support from all over the world and your family is ready to "spring into action" when you want us there with you.

Dad and I will be fasting for you
3 tomorrow, December 5, according to Isaiah 58:6-9 and we encourage all our family and friends to join us.

You're loved so much!

All our love, prayers and thoughts are with you!

Mom & Dad Krug
aka Mimi & Papa :)

Sylvia said...

Lilee is in God's favor as she is receiving love, prayers, fasting and immediate medical help. We all love this "wee one" and may God's angels surround her and the surgical hands that will be gentle, precise and careful with her sweet heart and body. Love, Sylvia

mlharrison said...

I feel for you on the blood taking dilemma. Been through that when Josiah and Lily had jaundice, they took blood daily through veins and heels for weeks on end, and if they couldn't get it in one vein they'd try another, I thought I was going to come out of my skin and rip some heads off.
Like your mom said above there is so many people praying for you three, we continue to wait on the news that Lilee Bean is all better. Hugs & Kisses to the three of you.

Danielle said...

Chris, Erin and especially Lilee... we're praying for you all!

I was very thankful that I was spared being present for a lot of the needle poking when Roma was in the NICU (especially when they put an IV in her scalp), but I'm sure Eric can relate with you, Chris. I'm sorry little Lilee has to go through the pain - it's tough for both her and her parents!

I'm thankful for you, Erin, that you have had a month to recuperate from the birth - one of the toughest parts of having your baby in the hospital is trying to take care of yourself, too. I'm praying you are able to rest.

Much love to you three. Keep us posted!


jenngraffius said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. My church's staff prayed for you this morning. Talk to you soon!

Garold Murray said...

Hello Finch Family,
Our prayers and thoughts are with you. I oh, so remember all the frustration and exasperation at trying to get all the blood work/lab work done before surgery. I am just thankful that your little family believes in the power of our Great Physician, and know that His arms are wrapped around all of you at this very moment. We will continue to pray for God's perfect timing for Lilee's surgery and a healthy and speedy recovery for her. We love you!

Love to all,
Garold & Sharon Murray

Cat said...

I'm praying for your sweet girl, and all of those who love her - and you!

vans said...

I, as well as my family, havent stoped praying for you two and little Lilee sence Gram Zan told me the news. I am so very glad to hear that Lilee will have her surgery soon. God is watching over you. put all of your worries in The Lords hands and he will take care them and you!

our thoughts and prayers are with you!!<3

love always,
Savannah and the rest of the McCarthy family

Lorie Tellis said...

Much love and many prayers for your precious family. Your faith is such a blessing to your old(er) Aunt.
Aunt Lorie, Uncle Chris, and cousins Kayla, Matthew, Kyson and Alyssa

Breanna said...

All of us at VCMS: students, famlies, staff (and spouses) are praying for Lilee and parents.

God bless you with strength, energy, hope, and faith in the name of Jesus Christ.