Sunday, December 9, 2007

"She looks good!"

This is what Dr. Roth told us as be stared at sweet little Lilee this afternoon. What a sight, "looks good" would not be the words I would have picked but I know he was speaking in "doctor's terms" when he says she looks good.

We got a very good report from Lilee's ICU nurses and doctors. With more details of her surgery and current condition we learned that save a miraculous healing today, her procedure could not have been more successful. They had very little problems in the OR and were able to close up her chest and stabilize her quickly. She is recovering very well as we speak. Doctors hope to have her off of her breathing machine in a day or two and feeding normally be Tuesday!

We've been told if all goes well, this time next week we may be going home!!! WOW! We don't want to get our hopes up but that would be fantastic! Well enough for one night, just wanted to share with you a little more of a detailed update after the surgery. More to come tomorrow, please keep checking! :o)
C, E & the B


rushworth said...

So glad to hear the news! Our thoughts are with you.
Rachael, Paul, Zander and Max

Cat said...

Hi Chris and Erin,

I know just how difficult it is to see your child hooked up to monitors etc. Our son had major surgery when he was 20 and seeing him right after surgery was heartbreaking for Jeff and me. We wanted to touch him so that he knew we were there, but it was difficult to find a spot on his body that didn't have a tube poking out of it, or a spot that wasn't painful.

Children recover so quickly! Each day we could see vast improvement in his healing and recovery from the day before. I know you'll see the same with your Bean. Yesterday was the hardest, today will be better, and it will continue that way until she's fully recovered.

So, hang in there you two! Your Bean is out of surgery, God is watching over your little family, and the love and support from your friends and family is still in full swing!

Thanks so much for keeping us posted on what's happening.

Love and hugs,


Garold Murray said...

Hi little family,
Are you sick of hearing from me yet? We are very glad to hear the news, and especially the news that next week you may be able to go home. Wow! Things have definitely changed since Jennifer's surgery so long ago. We are continuing to pray for a speedy recovery without any complications. I remember what a weight was lifted off my chest and heart to finally be done with the surgery, and on to a better and brighter future. Thoughts and prayers are with you still. Love you lots!
Sharon and Garold

Pastor P said...

Hi Erin & Chris - We're praising God and thanking Him for His hand upon LiLee, HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. We're standing in faith with you and your family for LiLee's complete healing and full recovery. Thanking God, too, for guiding the hands of the natural physicians! You're in our thoughts and prayers ~ Pastors Jay & Patty and NLCC

Mark said...

Tu Tu to E-train . . . over?? Praise God, my friends! I'm so thankful all went well with your little precious one! I will continue to pray for healing!

Skywalker53 said...

Dear C, E and Lilee bean, Just a note to say thanks for all of your postings and keeing us all up to date. Upholding you all (both famlies) in prayers and thoughts. Much love, Cindy Lee

Sue Garrido said...

Hello to my very exhausted friends. The news about Lilee's surgery is absolutely WONDERFUL...I'll take it!! The Lord and HIS will have been in EVERY nook and cranny of this ordeal. The Lord's hands...I can't think of a finer place to be, can you? Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you.(our hugs and Kisses, too) Hang in there. Your Little Bean will be strong enough to come home very soon.

Patti Dean said...

Hugs and kisses to all three of you, oh and to those special grammas and granpas too! I have tears just streaming down my cheeks as I write this. Not only am I overjoyed and privledged to see the mighty hand of God at work in Lilee, I am so humbled to read of you love and concern for her precious rooommates. I have no doubt her surgery was held off for those many days so that your lives to cross paths with those 3 little girls and their families. I am honored to pray for them as I pray for Lilee and all of you! We are anxiously awaiting all your updates and your homecoming! Pick your favorite soup and I will make a pot for you, with lots of love stirred in! Love you all,
Patti and the rest of the Deans

John Higgins said...

It was hard seeing Lilee with all the "stuff" but when you look past that she is still a beautiful little girl. The Lord has blessed you with her and he will give you the strength to walk through this.