Sunday, December 16, 2007

We've moved!

Not home, but we're getting closer everyday! Erin and I were awakened last night at our hotel at about midnight. As you can imagine, I wasn't quick enough to stumble my way to the phone in time to pick it up. The message was from Lilee's nurse, letting us know that she was about to be moved up to the 3rd floor. Great news... odd timing but great news. Lilee is now in "3 West," the cardiac recovery wing of the hospital.

Good news to report: first of all, moving has been great news in itself because it means that the doctors feel Lilee is progressing well and is stable enough to move to an area which is less frequently monitored by the nursing staff. Secondly, doctors believe that the air pocket above her lung has cleared itself up. And lastly, our new room means that we'll be able to stay the night with Lilee again!

We're still hopeful for a release from the hospital the early part of this week. I'm sure we'll learn more when Lilee's doctors visit tomorrow morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Looking forward to being home and enjoying the season soon. Merry Christmas,
The Finches


Anonymous said...

Hi sweet kids!
Just can't stop looking at our beautiful Lilee Bean. I love the hearts!
We will see you all tomorrow when we come for a visit. Thanks for posting the great pix! I'll be dreaming of that sweet face tonight!
Mimi & Papa

mlharrison said...

Wish I could hold her and kiss her. Love how they put the hearts on her checks. Sweet little baby, I'm glad this is just about over for her. She needs to go home and be cuddled and snuggled and eat all she wants. Give her a kiss for us K. Love you guys!!

The Harrison's