Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

I know it's been over a week since your last "Bean Blog" and for that I apologize! However, I am not sorry to say that the past week has been spent WONDERFULLY at home!!! We were released from Packard on Tuesday, one week before Christmas and words can't describe how good it was to walk through that front door after 17 days at the hospital. It would have been picturesque were it not for Lilee's "welcome home tantrum" that lasted from about 10 minutes before arrival to about 2 hours before bed time. Miss Grumpy Pants!

In the past week those "vocalizations" have been mixed with wonderful happy home time. Mimi (grandma) Krug came down and rescued Erin so she could get a real nap since Lilee hadn't been sleeping more than 10 minutes at a time for more than 2 days. One morning I wheeled her out into the living room, started the dryer and she slept solid for an hour and a half!!! I think we realized that she is now beginning to readjust from being in the hospital for almost half of her life. After nurses, doctors, cleaning crews, mom & dad, food deliveries, grandmas and grandpas and more coming into her room 24/7, the dead quiet of her new home has been more than she can bear!

The good news however is that with each day she adjusts a little more and settles in to her new routine. We’ve spent a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day between the Finch and Krug houses and have just had a much needed time of rest and family time. Thanks for still checking up on Lilee’s blog. I’m hoping, now that the major action has died down a bit, to be updating her page once a weekish to keep you up on all the latest “Bean News.” We love you all and hope you had (and are still having) a wonderful Christmas season with your families as we are! God bless and a Happy New Year!
C, E & the Christmas Bean!


Cat said...

The Bean looks SO happy and HEALTHY!!!!!!!! Yeh! I can't believe how well her incision looks!!!!!

Yikes - only sleeping for 10 minutes at a time.... Fingers crossed that she slides back into her normal routine and sleeping patterns soon!

Thanks for the update - I've missed you 3 and reading about the latest and greatest! ;-)


Steve/Marti James said...

Thank u for the update, what a wonderful Christmas present. She looks beautiful and we will be praying for all of you that a good nights rest is on the horizon. I remember those days well, it was joy mixed with tiredness, but God's blessings were more than evident. Well sweet, Finch family, we will say "Good Night", and may God's blessings be upon you. Sweet Dreams...

Skywalker53 said...

12/28/07: SO very Happy to Read blog (12/26) and see a pic of "christmas" bean. She looks wonderful. SO very sorry to hear of your sleep problem. Thanks for your continued updates and here's wishing you ALL good sleeping/resting time. Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you.

Love Always, Cindy Lee

Jeane said...

Frank and Chris,
I'm so happy little Bean is home and in the arms of her loving family. I'm sure this Christmas is especially joyful for all of you.

Hope to see you soon.

Love, Jeane (Jeanine's Mom)

martha said...

Chris, I am at work and finally figured out how to read all of your "blogs". I am NOT good at computer stuff. I can only imagine how precious your Christmas was this year. With all the commercialism there is, your family celebrated the true meaning of the day. How wonderful! I was touched by your stories of Lilee's roommates. I am grateful there are nurses who are able to care for ill/injured children because it is such a difficult thing to do. I feel blessed to be able to help women deliver babies where, for the most part, it is a happy occasion. Blessings to you and your family this holiday season. Have a Happy and "Restful" New Year!! Martha

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! She is looking sooooo good!!! I love you guys and think of you everyday!!!! Jeremiah and I can't wait to meet Miss Lilee!!!