Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Morning

Hello all,
It's Saturday morning and Erin, Lilee and I are enjoying a morning together and are "playing the waiting game." The doctor told us yesterday that Stanford says they do not have a bed yet but one may come available over the weekend. Should they call, we'll have to leave right away and head to the Bay area.

We wanted to thank all of our friends and family who have given us so much encouragement and who continue to pray for Lilee and her heart. We are so blessed to know that there are literally prayer warriors around the WORLD who are lifting her up daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you would also pray for more than Lilee for us as this has truly been "one of those weeks." The car that Erin and I just bought last week seems to need a new transmission... yikes! We received news Thursday that my 'Grammie' is in the ICU in Stockton and not doing well. We're headed over to see her today. And last night, as I was in Ione picking up my parents car, which they've let us borrow until ours can get fixed (thanks Mom & Dad :o), we found out that my Aunt's sister's husband just had a major heart attack and is in the hospital as well. Wow! Believe it or not there is more but for the sake of time and room, please just continue to pray for my family in this unbelievable time of need.

We will try to use this blog in the future to keep you updated on Lilee's progress. Please feel free to e-mail me at or Erin at
I wish we could write everyone back who has written to us but please know that we love to hear from you all and appreciate your support more than you can know!

That's all for now! Lot's of love,

Chris, Erin & Lilee Jane :o)

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rushworth said...

Hi Erin and Chris and Lilee,
Were all so sad to hear the news. Our thoughts are with you all.
Rachael, Paul,Zander and Macsen xx