Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making Progress

Good Morning all! Baby Lilee is moving forward little by little. Erin and I just got out from visiting Lilee this morning. Visually, our poor little girl still looks rough from a mom and dad’s perspective. However, from a doctor’s standpoint, she is progressing very well! It looks like she may be extubated (take her off the breathing machine and remove the breathing tubes) tonight or tomorrow morning. She also just had her first milk since her surgery (through her nose but hey, we’ll take what we can get right?! :o) All in all her doctors and nurses say she’s on a great recovery pace and is moving along as scheduled and expected. Fabulous news!

From Lilee’s view yesterday was pretty slow and uneventful, however, for the rest of us on “Team Lilee” it was a pretty busy day. Grandma and Grandpa Finch headed home yesterday morning to prepare for their church’s huge Christmas dinner this Friday. We also got a surprise visit from Pastor Edwards, Mr. Higgins and his daughter (and my former student) Jessica from Century. Grandpa Frank and I made a quick run home yesterday also. Well it was supposed to be a quick trip but you know how it goes! :o) We were off from Palo Alto to Lodi for laundry, water the grass and a quick check to see if Jack was still kicking. Then it was up to Burson for more laundry and cat checking. From Burson we headed over to Amador County to swap cars with my dad and get our car back from the shop. (Ouch, that’s another blog!) We finally made it back to the hotel at about 10:30 and called it a day… Whew!

It sounds like “I’ll be home for Christmas” may be a reality after all. Thank you Lord! As always, as things develop, we’ll keep you posted. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

C, E & the B


mlharrison said...

Couldn't imagine seeing my daughter in that state, however, praise God she is doing so well. We love you guys and continue to pray for her FAST recovery.

Love The Harrison's Aaron, Michelle, Lily, Josiah, & E E (Eden)

Amy Ming said...

I'm glad to hear your little Lilee is doing well. She is beautiful! I'm sure the road to recovery seems long, but by next Christmas this will all be just a memory. Time moves faster once you have children, so don't blink.

Love to you and your family,
Amy Ming

King Family said...

Hi Erin and Chris! We are looking forward to meeting little Lilee Jane in person. She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!God is AWESOME in His Mercy and Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been through a few surgeries with our children, The latest was removing a tumor from Jacob's head and re-building his skull. We can relate a little to your emotions and the process. You and your families will continue to be in our prayers!!
I'm looking forward to bringing you a meal when things settle down for you all Love and Blessings,
The King Family..Rick, Renee, Noah. Elijah, Charity Rose ,and Jacob

Garold Murray said...

Sounds like things are progressing well and being home for Christmas would be such a GIFT for you. I am excited that she could go home that soon! Wow! A lot has changed! Continuing to lift your entire family up in thoughts and prayers. We love you all and are happy that Lilee is doing so well. God is sooooo GOOD!
Love ya' lots,
Sharon & Garold

cindyg said...

Chris and Erin, God Bless you guys! So glad and thank the Lord for the good news. She is so pretty! Lilee's name is plastered all over the wall in the ROL prayer room and all of you have been receiving many prayers. No one expects anything less than she is FINE and PERFECT!!! Please know you are all loved so much and thought of often!

Cat said...

Hi Erin and Chris,

Sounds like your Bean's recovery is on track - thank goodness! Each day she'll get stronger and stronger!
Fingers crossed that they'll get her off the respirator today!

Keeping you all near and dear! Hugs to each of you!



Ronda Faull said...

May God continue to bless Lilee's recovery! Praise Him for His faithfulness. Zach had a VSD when he was born... I can relate to some of what you have been going through!
We love you!
John, Ronda, Zach, Skye, Autumn, and Declan

pnoble said...

Such encouraging reports! I know you two must be so tired! Too bad Mrs. Noble isn't around to help with the duties at school! :)

Love you all!!