Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Not today :o( *which was yesterday*

***I’m sorry everybody but this post was written yesterday. When I went to upload it, the internet connection went down at the hospital! Bummer! Anyway, day late and a dollar short… here you go!***

The wait continues... Lilee's surgery was delayed until hopefully tomorrow. We found out at around 3:00 that she was not on today's list. Hopefully if all goes right, she will get her turn tomorrow. She has been very patient I must say! :o) She's been happy as a clam (except when it's blood draw time) since we've been here. It's hard to believe there is something wrong with her as perfect as she looks and acts.

Speaking of blood draw... thank you all for your prayers for that ordeal for us. She did get a very nice lady last night who did the best she could to get a sample from her foot. Unfortunately it was not enough to do the necessary tests. Another lady this morning tried and was unsuccessful and then Ricardo came in around 10 and he got the most out of her of anyone so far! He was very fast, accurate and professional... just who we've been praying for. I think he was able to get enough for all of her blood work praise the Lord! You'll be relieved to know that she has done much better each time they've tried to get blood from her. Poor thing and I hate to say it but I think she's "getting used" to it! :o(

I'm so glad she'll have no memory of this... her parents however... they may need therapy! :o) God has been SOOO good to us throughout this whole ordeal. We all say in passing that there is "a peace that surpasses all understanding." Erin and I know that now in so real a way you can taste it! What a merciful God we know! He has covered us with His peace, protection and provision since the day we knew of Lilee's existence and he continues still today.

My friends and family, even though we sit in this room alone, the 3 of us, I have never felt more supported in all my life. My co-laborers of love at Century have bathed us in prayer faithfully everyday. Our parents (all 4 of them) have given us so much both tangibly and intangibly to help us take on each new day. Our neighbors, friends, family, missionaries, pastors and kindergartners around the globe have truly been a testimony to us of the power and love of God's big family. I wish I could write, call or hug all of you who have written on the blog or send Erin and I e-mails. We draw strength from your encouragement!

Wow, a long one tonight I guess, I hope you don't mind. Again, as always, as we know, you'll know. Tomorrow is a new day and his mercies are new every morning. Good thing too because I've used all of today's up! :o) Love you all, we'll talk tomorrow!
C., E. and the Bean!

PS. I told Dr. Olson that I'd get her picture up on the website too. She (and her awesome team)have been Lilee's primary Cardiologists (Primary as far as we're concerned as we seen and talked to her the most in the past few days). Here ya go Dr. O., now you’re famous! :o)

PPS. Thank you all for lifting up the staff of this hospital, from lab workers to the nurses, doctors and everyone else who has been so good to us this week. Let's continue to make sure they're in His hands as Lilee is in theirs!


Lorie Tellis said...

Chris, Erin and little Lilee, I have been reading the posts to Grandma Nancy and she says THESE are the times she wishes she had (and knew how to use) a computer. She wants me to tell you that she is praying for your family and that she loves you guys. She too, has been blessed by your testimony in your posts. We have been adding Lilee (and parents) to prayers lists all over the place back here in ol' Indiana. The internet is an amazing thing, how quickly our prayer requests can reach so many places.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Erin and Lillee...
I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know that we are praying for you during our nightly family prayer time.
Joey (the one who never wants to pray out loud) has been praying for Lille on his own (yes out loud) everytime we ask him if he wants to pray. Your family is on our children's hearts as well as ours.
God is faithful and HIS strength will get you through this. We will continue to pray for your peace and skill for her doctors.
We love you and miss you all...
XOXOXO -DelBarba family

Steve/Marti James said...

Good Morning Finch Family--

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet) seen-Heb 11:1

Eyes see the storm---faith sees Noah's rainbow
Eyes see giants--faith sees Canaan land
Eyes see faults and guilt--faith sees the blood of the Savior
Eyes see a very sick baby--faith sees a healthy, happy, and frolicking baby Lilee as she plays with her mom and dad.

Lord cause our eyes to be the eyes of faith, faith in your healing power and care. Jesus is saying to you, "I am the one who holds her in my hands, I am a restorer of the broken, I am the ultimate healer." We know that she is God's gift, not only to her parents, and grandparents, but to her extended family and the hospital staff that see what knowing God can achieve, and with power we speak it into existence.

Amen-(so let it be done)

We love u guys and little Lilee and are bombarding heaven on her behalf.

Love--Steve and Marti James

Garold Murray said...

Hi Erin, Chris and Lilee,
Another day,ho hum, another day of waiting. But really, it is another day to add a page to the wonderful testimony/story that God is creating to touch SOOOOOO many people. God will use your family to reach some special people, maybe even while you are in that very hospital. When we were at the hospital those three weeks with our Jennifer, God provided numerous opportunities to be a light and shine God's love, power and faithfulness. Wow, how awesome. Yes, it something we wish we didn't have to endure, but God has some mighty big plans for the Finch family. We love you all and are continuing to pray for your family, hospital staff, and His perfect timing.
Love ya lots,
Garold and Sharon Murray

Noble said...

Good afternoon, Finch Family! I just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in our prayers on an hourly basis! I didn't realize how much Jason liked you...he spends more time on the blog than I do! :) We will be going to prayer meeting tonight and we will be asking special prayer for Lilee!

Love you much!