Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lilee's Cardiologist Report

Greetings from sunny central California!
Ok, everyone, here's the news. Yesterday, we had Lilee's first cardiologist appointment in 3 months. After doing an ultrasound on our wiggly little girl, it looks like the grafted hose attached to her heart is narrowing. The doctor wants to see her again in 2 months to check the rate of the narrowing to determine when her next surgery with be. He believes it will most likely happen before she turns 1 in October.
As you can imagine, this news isn't the greatest, but like Chris has reminded me, we knew this would be happening but didn't know the timing. Frankly, the thought of going through all this again is completely TERRIFYING! However, it's amazing how God is using this to remind us of His faithfulness! The funny thing is that I don't necessarily feel scared, but sad. Everyday, I get to see this beautiful baby transform into a sweet little girl. Picturing her back in the hospital gives me the chills.
As always, we are completely dependant on your prayers. PLEASE, agree with us in prayer and ask our gracious God for complete healing and wholeness. I am not above asking for a miracle!!! Friends and family, we are continuing to count on your support! God is so good and I know He is able, whether reoccuring surgeries or financial hurdles. We love you!

The dependant Finches :o)


jenn said...

I am so so sorry to hear this....I agree, seeing your little one in any kind of sickness is very hard on parents, especially not able to do much to help them. Some how God is going to use Lilee and the experiences she is/will go through. We will be praying for all of you. Keep us updated on things. So sorry, my heart aches for her and you and your family. Love you all.

Danielle said...

We are praying for you - especially precious Lilee! And even as we lift up the future surgery and uncertain finances, we are also praising God for the wonderful months you have had thus far with your little miracle girl! You are truly blessed, and we are certain your family will continue to be carried throughout whatever trials lie ahead.

Much love from the Versluys family (new cousin Quincy Kate sends a special "hello"!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly & Mighty Father, I lift up this precious family to you. Thank you Lord for Your strength & love that has beamed through this trio, from the begining of this trial, turned blessing. Jesus, I wish to plead with You on their behalf, that the road which lies ahead may be paved with Your mercy, grace, love, & strength. Please provide for all their needs. Remove any stronghold or influence Satan may try to impose on this family. Remove any doubts, fears, or anxiousness & replace them with Your comfort, assurance, & protection. You alone are God, Praise Your Holy Name! - Amen

mlharrison said...

Oh what an awesome prayer below, God is totally going to use this for His Glory, stand firm Finches, I know that it must be hard, but God's mercies are new every morning, He is the divine healer, we continue to stand behind you three and lift you up in our prayers for COMPLETE healing for Lilee's heart, if it goes as far as another surgery, then COMPLETE guidance, protection, strength and healing for Lilee and you two, and COMPLETE financial blessing paying for the medical bills. Love you Three!!