Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lilee turns 3 months!

Just last Saturday as Erin, the bean and I were trying out a new Mexican restaurant near our house, it dawned on me. Today (then), Lilee was 3 months old! Wow has this last month flown by. We have had such a fun time watching her grow and change each day. Sometimes it seems like she's grown even while I've been at school for the day. Part of me is jealous that mommy gets to spend so much time with her, watching her grow and change every step of the way... then reality hits me and I remember what she does all day with diapers, feedings, naps, tantrums, more diapers, laundry and on and on! Yep, I've got it pretty good and I'm thankful! We're each getting to do what we love to do but also still sharing in what the other person is doing. It's nice being able to share school stuff with Erin because working there for 3 years gives her the knowledge, perspective and background that she can still relate with what's going on there now.

I think that she will be taking over the blog soon since she is with Lilee 24/7 now and I'm at school. Mom has all the fun stories of "Lilee did this today" and "She's doing this now." We were thinking that she could post some entries now and keep you updated on our post-hospital life! Thanks to all of you who still check in every now and then to see how the bean is doing. We hope and pray that all is well with you and yours! Until next time,
Chris, Erin and the 1/4 year old baby Lilee! :o)


Mandy Pearson said...

We love the blogs on Lilee. What a doll she is! We are so thankful everyone's prayers were answered concerning Lilee's health. She is one lucky little one to have so many concerned about her. She will have many stories to tell about what God did for her!
Blessings to you 3,
Love, Lane & Mandy Pearson

mlharrison said...

Yeah they grow so fast!! So glad to hear she's doing so well.