Friday, July 11, 2008

Excellent News!!!

Dearest friends and family~
Here we are, another cardiologist appointment under our belts and another opportunity to show God's faithfulness! Yesterday, July 10th, we took Lilee to Sacramento to see her cardiologist and do another ultrasound of her heart. If you read the last post, our last visit left us with the impression that since her new graft was constricting, she could possibly have another surgery before her first birthday in October.
When I woke up yesterday, I really felt the Lord calling me to be in the Word and in prayer. So, as I read my devotion, the central theme was peace; peace and joy that are from the Holy Spirit and not from circumstances.

"For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." Isa. 55:12

Starting the day off with this tremendous grounding and reaffirmation, I was completely peaceful throughout the appt. So.... after reviewing the ultrasound, Dr. Juris said that there was no change in the graft since our last appt. 2 months ago. He seemed pleased and said we wouldn't need to come see him again for another 3 months!!! Praise the Lord! Compared to the thought that Lilee would have surgery before October, we are THRILLED!
Our God continues to prove Himself faithful and ABLE! Wow! So, in light of this great news, I've put another video update together for you, just so you can see our girl in action! Hope you enjoy it... what a doll she is!

All our love to you!
Erin, Chris and healthy-and-cleared-for-another-3-months-bean


Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, what a precious video of our Peach...I'm in tears just watching and knowing what a wonderful investment you and Christer P have in your beautiful daughter.
Congrats on all the good news!
Still praying daily in Burson,
Mom & Dad

mlharrison said...

I had to come back and watch this after our talk yesterday, she is such a doll. I can't wait to meet her, I wish it was sooner than later. It is so refreshing to hear this news. Our God is amazing. Love and miss you guys!!