Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something to Celebrate!

To the faithful who keep checking this blog: THANK YOU!
Here we are, almost 4 months after my last post with more GREAT news! On Feb. 18th, we had Lilee's cardiologist check-up to see if her heart is still working well since her surgery.
Funny thing. We've been through a very intense process with Lilee and her heart issues, met a lot of doctors and nurses, filled out endless paperwork and STILL get nervous watching her cardiologist inspect her. My pulse is pounding and I'm watching every twitch of the dr's eyelash, hoping to read any report- good or bad!
Why is it that no matter what amazing lesson we learn under stressful circumstances, no matter how great a breakthrough with the Lord, we can immediately revert back to doubting at the first sign of trouble? God is so good, continuing to show His faithfulness, no matter how long ago Lilee's surgery occured.
After reviewing her heart ultrasound, Dr. Juris said there wasn't any change since her last appointment and that her heart looks good. He wants to see us again in 4 months (June). I like to think we'll be more spiritually mature and handle the appointment with more ease. Like I said, God is good and He is faithful whether I retain my life lesson or not. Obviously, we're not looking forward to the day that Dr. Juris says she ready for another surgery, however, God will be the same God then as He has been and as He is now.
Stay tuned. I'll be posting a new video soon. We love you all and continue to value your support, prayer and diligence in reading our blog.
All our love,
Erin, Chris and Lilee Finch
p.s. baby boy Finch (Lincoln Paul) will be coming soon. April 12th (Easter Sunday) he should be here!!! Oh my goodness!


Anonymous said...

What a joy it is knowing Lilee is in the hands of our loving Lord. Hang in there, sweethearts. You're all do great! XO Mom

Anonymous said...

PS...we LOVE the new pix! XO Mom

CBS Russia said...

Hey guys!
Praise the Lord for the good report. Love the picture as well. I guess if Lilee's going to be tipping any bottle, that one's better than most!
Hurrah for Baby Finch! Make sure he waits until I get home. Anytime after April 6th will be good. Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Cousin Joel

The Gray Family said...

That is wonderful news...yes, the worrying never ends..excited to hear the news of baby boy...can't wait to see pix of both little ones.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club~ as we see God's hand move in deliverance, healing or any other way...we are relieved and reassured, built up in our faith! But the next time, we sometimes wonder, "Will He do it again?" or "Maybe not this time in the same way..." or other faith challenging questions. He is always the same (Hebrews 13:8) and even though circumstances and situations change, He does not. We join with you as we walk this path, not knowing what He has in mind, but we know HIM and that means more than anything.
Dad K

xoxo said...

This is now one of Do Dah's FAVORITE pic's. Too stinkin cute.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!
Congrats on the new one coming soon!
Okay, I can hardly stand it...I have sooo many great nieces and nephews that I've never met. I WANNA COME OUT! Okay, I am done pouting now.
Love you guys,
Aunt Lorie