Thursday, March 5, 2009

The NEW Video, As Promised!

Hi dear friends and family!

Well, as promised, here is the newest video of Lilee and how she's grown in the last 4 months! Hope you enjoy it!

We love you,

The Finches


Anonymous said...

Oh my...where has the time gone! Look how much our Lilee Bean has grown in such a short time! That's our grand daughter...the most beautiful princess in the world!
Good job Mommy and Daddy!
Mimi & Papa

Anonymous said...

That is just SO cute!!!
Thanks for the guest-starring appearance too. :)

Keep it real Lil Bean!!


Anonymous said...

So great to see your beautiful girl - favorite picture - Lilee as groceries - good enough to eat. We're praying for great arrival of your next production - meaning baby.
Auntie Leigh