Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Announcing The Finches

Well, it's taken me FOREVER to update the blog... I'm sorry. For the faithful few that still actually check, here's our new little guy: Lincoln Paul! He was born April 15 at 11:04 pm at 8.3 lbs, 19 inches... he's precious and is a ton of fun.

None of us are really sleeping all that well yet, which I hope ends soon, but other than that, I'm getting the hang of having 2 kids at home and all the juggling that comes with more laundry, more feeding/napping schedules and TWICE the diaper changes! YIKES!

Thank you for keeping up with us and meet him in person, for those of you we hardly see (ahem, you Georgians).

All our love,
The sleepy Finches


The Gray Family said...

He is so cute...congrats on the new little one. I hope that soon you will get some good sleep. Your family is beautiful. As I look at the family pictures I can't help but to smile and be so happy for you. As kids we never really know what happiness really is...now we know. Love you

Danielle White Versluys said...

I love Lilee's look... as if she's not quite sure what to think of the cute little brother!

Either that, or she's just tired of all the picture taking that Mom and Dad are doing. :-)

Love to you four! We're so happy for you and hope to meet Lincoln soon!

Danielle, Eric, Roma, Quincy and Nora

mlharrison said...

I can't believe it, I've been checking this site, every week, waiting in anticipation, cause I knew he was almost here. CONGRATS MOMMA & DADDA, he's precious!!! He doesn't look anything like sissy. Although I can't see real well. I can't wait to get back there and see them, I feel like I'm near yet far. Thanks for keeping this up, I love checking up on you all!! I love you Erin...xxxooo. Tell Chris we said hi. Miss you all!!!

Mandy Pearson said...

Congratulations Fitch family! What a darling Lincoln is and of course Lilee Jane is sweet as ever. I do love her look..makes you wonder what she's thinking. ;-) We wish many blessings to you four!
Love, Lane & Mandy Pearson

Leigh said...

More pictures, more pictures, more pictures!!!! Aunty Leigh needs more pictures!!! You all look gorgeous regardless of lack of sleep.
P.S. James is officially a resident of Lompoc, CA.